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“Myself and my children see Dr Rema and Dr Vollrath. Both have been excellent. They have helped us with a number of issues as well as general maintenance.”

Christine D.

“Dr Jeanette is very intuitive and so lovely. I highly recommend her and all the staff are really caring.”


“Core is a incredible place to go for all services!! I found since starting acupuncture with Dr. Rema even though I’ve only been a few times I seen amazing changes in the amount of pain I don’t feel in my lower back & hips! Thank you so much can’t wait to come back!”

Chantelle M.

“My first ever adjustment with Dr. Vollrath & I am already feeling like a new person! Thank you Dr. V for the great first chiropractic adjustment and educating me that not only does getting adjusted help with back, neck and body pain, but also for when your immune system needs a boost.”

Tiana M.

“I have nothing but good things to say about core chiropractic! The staff is awesome and Dr. Rema is amazing! I have always been afraid of chiropractors and Rema took that fear away! She is very knowledgeable and gets her diagnosis right the first time! She is truly a blessing in disguise! If you’re looking for an amazing Chiropractor who will make you feel comfortable, you must come see her at core chiropractic!!!”

Sarah A.

“I was in so much pain before coming here.  I didn’t know what to do.  After coming 2 times a wk. for a couple of months, I started feeling better.  Then coming once every wk. then once every 3 wks.  Now in no pain, starting to come once a month. Thank you, Dr. Vollrath!”

Carla Mac

“At the end of February my sciatica flared up and I couldn’t hardly walk. Turning over in bed was impossible. I spent March and April in physio. & acupuncture from a Chinese doctor with nothing making my back feel better. I have always had a fear of chiropractors but a patient of Dr. Vollrath’s told my husband how he had been helped. The next day May 6th I had my first appointment. After 5 treatments I was already feeling better and was able to go on a 10 day vacation to Eastern Canada and Bermuda with a fair amount of ease. After 5 more sessions I have been able to golf my first golf game. My foot no longer tingles and the leg feels much better and I would recommend to anyone to have an open mind and try this treatment, as I now know it worked for me. Thank you Dr. Vollrath.”

Margaret T.

“I was asked to fill out this testimonial quite a while ago, and I had a very good reason for holding back. Must admit I was more than a little skeptical about any results (good) at the beginning because I was hurting in a lot of places. First of all, my back was such that I couldn’t stand still for longer than five minutes. That is still ok – six months plus. Secondly: I used to scare the dickens out of my wife by the way I snored, now that is good – (a bonus). Thirdly: For seven years I have needed to wear a catheter on account of my bladder wasn’t functioning. Spinal surgery was suggested to repair pinched nerve in my spine.The catheter came out July 14th and haven’t needed it since for which I will be eternally grateful. I think I know that if any of these problems happen to come back, I don’t worry because if these problems can be fixed by chiropractic means once, I’m sure it can be done again.”

Robert P.

“I had a sore back for 55 years now.  In the spring 2004 I was operated on my back removing a disk.  I hurt myself & it was getting that I had hard time to sit as it was making pressure so I decided to see Dr. Vollrath & it help as I am sitting down longer.”

Albertine C.

“I fell on my hip and bruised it very bad. My hips were so sore I had to put one leg up on the chair to sit to keep my tail bone off the chair. I was even having trouble walking or bending as it hurt because my tail bone was rubbing and it was very painful. I put up with this for four weeks when I made an appointment with Dr. Vollrath. After one treatment one hour later I could sit on a chair on a soft cushion. Then I took one more treatment four days later and right after that treatment I could go for my walks, do my housework and many other things pain free. Thanks to Dr. Vollrath.”

Evelyn A.

“In September 2004, I had a pinched nerve on the right side of my neck.  After 5 days the pain was so severe I tried to get a Chiropractic treatment.  I couldn’t get into Grimshaw.  I tried a one-hour massage.  It helped while I was on the table, but now the pain was beginning to radiate down my right arm  & so bad that I would have given any amount of money (if I had it) to fix it.  I almost wanted to cut it off.  Wed. Sept. 22/04  I called VALLEY CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE – I was in agony.  Dr. Randy Vollrath saw me immediately.  After x-rays he determined my neck was out of alignment (subluxation). I had 6 treatments & electrical muscle stimulation, then I started acupuncture (3 places in my arm) & a couple on my neck.  After 4 treatments the pain was almost gone.  After 11 treatments all was well but I continue to come once a month to make sure everything is in place.  By the way, for 3 days – every 4 hours I was taking 2 – 292’s and 4 ibuprofren. I was getting sick to my stomach but they eased the pain.  Now I am pain free & drug free.”

Marsha T.

“I come to see Dr. Vollrath on Sept. 10 with acute back pain. I could hardly walk. After 2 sessions with acupuncture and back adjustments the pain was bearable. After 3rd session with acupuncture and adjustments things were a lot better. The fourth visit on Sept. 17 was very good with little or no pain. Dr. Vollrath also worked on my wrists for carpal tunnel, which has helped me tremendously.”

Dwaine I.

“After 4 years of not being able to lift my right arm above my head, I’m finally able to do so, and having a chronic cough it’s finally gone! I’m feeling much better.”

Alice Z.


Carol M.